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Ants & Prawns was born from a dream to change things, learn and share. Ready to launch the image of the firm, imposing a new concept, the new collection goes in search of luxury to implant a sensation, a knowing to be and elegance above all.Bored of perfection, crazy soul and with a particular universe comes a time when Helena Nicolau feels driven to create different pieces. High quality jewelery of noble materials through the know-how of the jeweler craftsman, for the signature it is extremely important to leave a mark on each piece through the hands.

Each of the pieces exude an absolute and infinite love for beautiful things, for design, nature, the sea, and the Mediterranean of course being true to its origins. Destined to a select clientele and for a unique woman with a lot of personality, very cool and above all free and without limits. Quality, exclusivity and design with its own essence.

Very feminine, timeless and sophisticated jewels are fundamental characteristics of the brand. Ask the sea for a story, imagine that you are facing it or diving all its bottom.

It is calm or frizzy, it is blue or green, silver at dawn, with the sun warming or the moon reflecting from the top at nightfall. Imagine that that sea leaves something on your feet, an object, an animate or inanimate being, something! It is the gift that makes you to do with him what you want and give him a life of his own.

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